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Children need freedom and the right kind of toys to create new ideas and showcase their creativity. As children grow, they tend to learn by imagining and doing things. A lot of imagination comes from pretend plays which build multiple skills and promote early child development.
Pretending is an important part of every child’s development. They learn numerous things about the world in a fun way. Toddlers and children try doing various role plays and this is a direct representation of their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.
We’re sure you must’ve seen a child pretending to be a police, a doctor, children demonstrating a rescue mission. Well, all of this is Pretend Play.

Give children the right type of wooden toys and see their imagination soar. Matoyi’s different Wooden Pretend Play toys help nurture imaginations, build their Social and Emotional Skills and promote their language skills. Through our Pretend Play toys, children learn to bring their imaginations to reality, develop a plan and act as per their plan, express their thoughts and listen to other creative thoughts. While playing in a group, toddlers and young children learn to assign different tasks and take different roles, which helps in enhancing their knowledge too.

Explore our Wooden Pretend Play toys, curated by parenting experts that are also eco-friendly and child-safe. Matoyi toys are a 100% #MadeInIndia