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Brain Development Toys for Babies

Development of the brain during the early stages of growth is largely dependent on the experience and external stimuli that babies get. The importance of brainpower can hardly be overstated. And this starts sooner than you might have ever thought!

Development of brain during early stages of growth:

At birth, the baby’s brain is one-fourth the size of an average adult brain, which incredibly doubles in size in the first year of their birth. By age 3 it is 80% developed, and almost fully grown by the age of 5. Hence, it is of prime importance that babies are exposed to toys to increase brain power.

Brain Development Toys for Babies

Brain development of a child: 

Their maturing senses help boost the brain development of a child. They are super inquisitive and want to explore anything and everything through their senses. They take in all their experiences through them, which aids in healthy brain development. By using their senses to interact with the world, babies are building their neural connections which will lay their foundations of movement, language/communication, and emotions.

Toys to increase brain power in babies:

Toys for babies are the tools that will not just keep them engaged but help improve brain activity, and cognitive and social-emotional skills too. Ever wondered how engrossed kids are while playing with toys, or trying to solve a puzzle? Toys provide ample opportunities for practicing different physical (gross and fine motor skills) and mental skills (cause and effect, problem-solving, imitation, etc).

increase brain toys for babies

By providing engaging, safe, and age-appropriate toys for babies, we can promote their development in all domains. Give them open-ended toys that they can play with in different ways, that spark imagination and are fun to explore. 

Things to look for in toys for babies:

1. Safety

When buying developmental toys for babies, be sure the toy is sturdy and made of non-toxic materials. Any toy that can fit entirely in their mouth, or has loose parts that can break off thin plastic, can be a choking hazard. Opt for simple toys and always check the manufacturer’s age recommendation.

2. Milestones

Brain boosting toys can aid babies to achieve developmental milestones and learn vital skills like:

3. Physical development: 

The gross and fine motor skills like, holding, grasping, rolling, crawling, and moving, strengthens while they play with skill development toys such as rattles, teethers, and push-pull toys.

Wooden Alphabet Puzzle for Toddlers

4. Language development:

Cooing, babbling, and speaking those first words will get a pep up with the right language development toys, such as counting while stacking, board books, and puzzles.

5. Cognitive development:

Rattles and maracas are a great way to build cognitive skills, as passing things from one hand to the other is an important thinking milestone. Activity gyms are also great for encouraging developmental milestones during the first six months.

6. Social-Emotional Development:

Let them look in the mirror, or provide appropriate board books, soft toys, and dolls, all these will help enhance their social-emotional development.

Best Toys for 1-year old : 

Our list below includes Toys to increase brain power and toys to increase the grasping power of babies:

Brain development toys for child


They are staple in any baby’s toy collection. Rattles introduce the babies to the concepts of tracking, cause and effect, imitation, and object permanence. Rattles, and teethers, are the right toys to increase the grasping power of babies from 0-12months.

With bright contrasting colors, a variety of sounds, and easy to grasp with smooth surfaces, rattles are a sensory treat. They aid in visual, audio, and tactile stimulation. More the senses are involved, more is the sense of discovery that leads to cognitive development.

Many rattles double as teethers that soothe a baby’s gums.

Our range of Matoyi rattles and rattle cum teethers are specifically designed to capture the interest of your infant for a long time.

Stacking Toys:

From blocks to rings to boxes to cups to arches, stacking toys are very versatile and crucial for the brain development of a child. They learn about shapes, colors, balance, size, order, and spatial relationships. They also foster fine-gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Stacking toys increase grasping power in babies and toddlers as well.

The success, the satisfaction, and the sense of accomplishment that a child gets once the stacking is complete is a treat to watch.

They are appropriate for babies and toddlers enjoy them too.

Matoyi has some perfect wooden stacking toys for your baby, explore them here.

Sensory play:

Babies learn best and retain the most when they engage their senses. Providing the opportunities to actively use their senses (of touch, sight, smell, taste, balance, and hearing) and explore the world through sensory play is crucial to the brain development of a child. Though sensory play may sound messy, it helps build new nerve connections and pathways in the brain that is imperative for cognitive development.

Why is Sensory play important for babies and kids?

Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, and problem-solving. This type of play also enhances memory and the ability to focus by blocking out distractions. It’s a great way to calm an anxious child.

Wooden toys can come in handy and are safe for babies and toddlers.

Simple wooden toys invoke thinking and exploring and are truly enriching for the developing brains. They promote creative play, build concentration, and are open-ended in the true sense. While enhancing the logic and reasoning power, they help a child understand different shapes, colors, and weights. Besides they are safe, durable, and environmentally sustainable.

Music is good for babies development, more so cognitive development. Read ways to improve cognitive development in kids.

Board Books and Contrasting flashcards:

Black and white baby flashcards are apt for 0-3 months of age as at this stage the infant is developing his eyesight. The only colors they can see are the high-contrasting black, white, and red. Looking at these cards will stimulate your baby’s brain development.

In later months, providing them with board books and flashcards educate them by introducing concepts. They enhance visual memory, strengthen memorization, develop knowledge and communication, and development of the brain during the early stages of growth.

Baby play mats/play gyms:

Playmat encourages your little one to interact with the dangling toys and other sensory play objects attached. The bright colors, textures, lights, and sounds will keep them busy and stimulated for a long time. Also, the convenience and the freedom of movement allow the babies to kick and roll and enjoy their tummy time.

It promotes motor skills and muscle development.

Hope this list of Brain development toys for babies helped you as a parent. Babies learn best through play, so provide them with open-ended toys that are appropriate for their age range and see them revel and learn at the same time. You can check our complete range of sustainable toys here.



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