Matoyi was conceived for the love of children and sustainability. Our toys are made up of safe materials, like wood, and the paints used are non-toxic and water-based, which are perfect for our precious gems. 

The best part is every toy has been designed carefully to keep babies and children engaged, focussing on their skill development in a fun way. Our wooden toys are hand-made by our expert artisans. 

Our toys are for different age groups, starting from 0months to 6+ years! Our toys and games are sure to give your children and family a joyous time. 

Yes, our wooden toys are completely safe. Matoyi’s toys are made up of non-toxic safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials and they usher the natural feel of the toy.

We understand the need for having varied toys for skill-building and development of children during their initial years. It has been researched that 90% of brain development happens till the age of 5years, and that makes their initial experiences quite pivotal. 

Hence we have developed different categories of toys at Matoyi, to be a partner in the beautiful journey of growing up,

Flashcards: To encourage active recall and strengthen neural connections as babies grow. You can check out our flashcards range.

Rattles: To help babies “acknowledge” and “recognize” the sounds, develop baby’s attention. Rattles are babies' first sensory stimulation toys. Our rattle like the Flat disk rattle, also helps to develop fine motor skills. You can check out our rattles here.

Teethers: Teethers are not just to soothe a teething baby, but also to strengthen the mouth and jaw muscles for chewing and babbling. It is important for hand-to-mouth coordination as well. You can check out our cute, pure Neem wood teethers here.

Pull and walk along: 

Once your child starts walking, somewhere between 12-18months, your toddler would love to pull toys along as they walk. Their walk will not only become fascinating with our adorable bear pull along and rabbit pulls along, but pulling the toy will also help in their muscle development. Their eyes will have to work in conjunction with the whole body and it is great for their gross motor skills.

Check our adorable pull along with toys here.

Educational Games and Puzzles:

Solving puzzles are not just fun for the toddlers, it gives a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Solving different puzzles, like our Jigsaw puzzles, memory puzzles, Dolphin puzzle helps in cognitive as well as fine and gross motor skill development. Learning in a fun experiential way, isn’t that what we parents look for? Check out Matoyi’s educational games and puzzles here.

Stacking Toys:

Open-ended gameplay is the best for a growing child. Such toys will always challenge a child to bring out their creative ideas and innovatively present them. Open-ended toys are great for cognitive skills, fine motor, gross motor. Our open-ended stacking toys as the beautiful Rainbow stacker, colorful cat ring stacker, balancing animals, are super fun and ignite a lot of creativity. Get them and you’ll be amazed by your child’s creativity! You can see our open-ended toys here

  Yes, the wood that is used is chemical-free and all the colors and coatings are water-based and safe. 

Yes, the colors used are non-toxic and water-based. 

Our wooden toys have great longevity, and they are worth passing down to future generations:) 

If you are looking for how to clean wooden toys, then here are some simple ways to clean wooden toys from Matoyi,  


  • Avoid washing the wooden toys with water or do not keep them soaked in water. Instead, you can always clean and wipe them with a damp cloth. 
  • Avoid keeping wooden toys under direct exposure to sunlight for too long hours and avoid storing them in damp/humid areas. 
  • Wood in general, as per its character, is less likely to harbor germs. Hence, don’t use harsh chemicals on wooden toys. 
  • Store them in boxes that allow air to circulate. We would recommend you to sort the toys and even label them for ease 🙂

Well, that’s the property of wood as per the extreme weather conditions. Sometimes, due to weather changes, all woods react, and that shouldn’t be a cause of worry.

Well, wooden toys have better longevity as compared to plastic toys. Just follow the pointers on how to care for wooden toys and they’ll be intact for years 🙂