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How to make toys more fun and engaging?

Kids’ toys should give ample opportunities to get them thinking, spark their creativity, and keep them busy for hours. The benefit of wooden toys for kids is that they are open-ended toys and hence give freedom to explore, create and experiment.

What is open-ended play?

It is a play with no end goal, no instructions, and no boundaries. Kids are at liberty to imagine, investigate and problem-solve independently or with minimal interference.

This fosters confidence, patience, resilience, memory, and intellectual abilities that will build a foundation for their successful life ahead.

  • Open-ended play gives them a chance to become creative leaders of their playtime and develop decision-making skills. They try new things and are less afraid to make mistakes. Such activities simulate real-life situations and prepare them for the future.
  • Playing with open-ended toys promotes team play that improves social-emotional skills of communication, sharing, turn-taking, empathy, and so on.

Here are some open-ended toys and how they can be more fun and engaging:

Rainbow Stacker

Look up to see a RAINBOW, look down to make one!

A playset of rainbow-shaped wooden nesting arches is all about endless fun and exploration. One of the most imaginative wooden toys, with bright, pastel, and natural hues, smooth rounded shapes, and varied sizes ( here at Matoyi ) presents limitless play opportunities.

  • Build a tower or a bridge, a castle or a house. Arrange from lighter tones to darker or smallest to biggest. Let the imaginations run wild as your child makes his favorite animal or any other object.
  • Play balancing games by arranging the arches in different structures. It promotes hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness of kids.
  • Use it as a see-saw or a rocker for toy figurines or stuffed toys.
  • Memorize the 7-color spectrum of the rainbow using this rainbow-stacker from Matoyi.
  • It goes well with other children’s toys and can be used in tandem with them for pretend play or even to make a dollhouse.
  • The arches can act as goals for indoor miniature soccer or golf.
  • Being aesthetically pleasing they double as a lovely piece of decoration. Place them on a table or a showcase, a window sill, or a bookshelf ( can also use as a book-stopper ). It’s for sure going to add a little more vibrancy and life in your place.

You can even club our Wooden Rainbow stacker with wooden balancing animal stacker and see the fun unfolding with lots of giggles around.

Wobbly Board

The most loved rocking toy. Besides rocking and balancing, your toddler can do much more with it!

  • When your baby wants to take a nap or just read a book, the board can be turned into a lovely relaxing rocker or a crib that rocks back and forth.
  • By flipping it upside down, you can turn it into a tray or a top for having snacks and breakfast, on the floor or in bed-wherever you like! Also use it as a surface for reading, writing, coloring, and other such activities.
  • It can act like an arch bridge or an underpass, a top for building with wooden blocks or a slide, the opportunities are endless.
  • Kids can swing toy cars from one side to another and also accelerate down the cars by raising one end of the board.
  • Turn the board upside down and lo! It becomes a perfect step stool for little toddlers. They can easily reach the surfaces that are generally adult-height like kitchen counters, bookshelves, dining tables, and so on. It will boost their confidence to work independently like brushing, helping in chores, and reaching out to other such things.
  • It also acts as a toddler-sized bench or a stool to sit on. Can also be used outdoors like a beach, a garden, or a picnic spot.

So you see how versatile this wobbly board from Matoyi is! It can be a part of various day-to-day activities of your little one.

Building Blocks

They are the most versatile and essential toys as they are extremely open-ended and provide infinite opportunities for building, stacking, balancing, sorting, counting, and many more. Our Animal stacker is an innovative kind of wooden stacking toy. A child can create simple to more sophisticated architectural masterpieces. They prompt them to use their reasoning skills as they build new structures and try to fit pieces together.

Right from making different objects like trees, houses, wagons, vehicles, buildings, animals to complete real and imaginary scenes like the animal kingdom, farm life, road scene, and many others; wooden blocks inspire the little ones to connect and create. As they pretend play, they also love to weave stories around them. This enhances their verbal and imagination skills.

They can be simply turned into anything a child wants them to be.

If you’re looking for wooden toys in India, that are 100% #MadeInIndia and adds up to your child’s creative skills, then check our range.

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