• 20-piece Beach Jigsaw Puzzle: A day at Beach for kids Quick View
  • Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids: Marine World Quick View
  • Jigsaw Puzzle: A day at Nature Park Quick View
  • Wooden Alphabet Puzzle for Toddlers Quick View
  • Wooden Number Puzzle for Toddlers Quick View

Puzzles are kids’ favorite! Did you know that the brain reaches 95% of its adult volume by the age of six years? Jigsaw Puzzles for kids are the perfect food for their growing brain. Puzzles are great for their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills. It improves their attention span, and memory, helps them enhance problem-solving skills.
Our “Young explorers kit” has been designed especially for lil buddies and comes with a wooden tray for their ease. It’s not just fun but also helps kids enhance their vocabulary in a fun way!