Childhood memories are packed as a bouquet in our hearts that we all carry along every single day! Those joyful memories are precious. Coming today, all we saw was a piece of baggage full of plastic toys, their innumerable parts, and poor chances of them getting recycled. That had been our story every quarter in the past 5years, until last year, when we decided to make a switch to eco-friendly toys for our children. With the increasing awareness around sustainability, we made a lot of lifestyle changes, starting with the basics at home. Our search ended up with a whole new pandora box that the world needs today. We are a bunch of young passionate parents keen to provide nature-based and safe toys for children. Hence, we came up with “Matoyi”, a gift from us to every child. Matoyi, which means “Toys in Shona” and reflects an eternal bond between a mother and a baby, is our brainchild.  We conceived the idea to bring in #MadeInIndia toys for babies and children that are made from sustainable materials, that are safe for our precious gems and also for our precious planet. Our mission at Matoyi is to spark creative play-based learning and ring in the bells of sustainability, by launching our eco-style creative toys for kids. Our vision is to be cherished by every child, and take us in their memories, not just as a brand, but as a beautiful relationship nurtured during childhood. Coz, it is the memories of childhood that never grow old!