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Birthday Gift ideas for babies: Rattle|Teether|Bunny


Seeing our kids happy is the most beautiful feeling in the world and receiving gifts is always special for every child. Be it for a Birthday, for a festival, or just as a token of love from loved ones. And what better than toys as gifts? Toys, as a gift, excite kids the most.
It’s rightly said that “Toys are children’s words and play is their language”.
So, if you’re looking for gift ideas for kids, or specifically Birthday gift ideas for kids, then we’ve curated special “Gifting boxes for kids” for all occasions. Our open-ended, eco-friendly toys provide unlimited hours of fun, spark creativity and help in their skill development during the formative years.


Product description:

Toys in the Giftbox:

This gift box has been specially curated for little ones. The gift box includes a cute bunny pull-along, our Fishy-foo rattle cum teether, the most loved flat-disk rattle, and a Neem wood bear-shaped teether.

Perfect for: 6months – 2.5 years

Great as a 1st Birthday gift, 2nd birthday gift for a baby.

Cleaning Instructions:

Don’t fully submerge the wooden toys for cleaning, instead spot clean with a damp rag. Please refer to our “FAQ page” for detailed cleaning instructions for wooden toys.

Note: Since we use high-quality natural wood, it has unique markings. There will always be some variation in the wood grain and its color. Since these toys are hand-crafted and hand-painted, each toy could have some variations. These variations in natural wood are a sign of our superior quality, so enjoy this uniqueness.

Skill Development

Spatial skills:

These skills help toddlers understand where they and objects are, in relation to each other. As they pull “Hoppy”, our wooden pull-along toy, they use spatial skills to decide where to go, how far they should go, and what turns they need to make to get to their goal.

Fine motor skills: 

Babies will attempt to hold the wood rattle tightly and then shake it in the air. They also learn to hold the rattle in one hand and then transfer it to the other hand. Pulling along will engage a lot of different muscles, hand muscles to grasp the string, arm muscles to pull it, legs and torso to balance.

Gross Motor skills:

Pull-along toys require more balance, coordination, and strength. The more toddlers flex their big muscles, the stronger they get. Isn’t it a fun way to develop their motor skills?

Sensory skills: 

Shaking the rattle, banging it, or playing with its rings makes different sounds. These sounds promote auditory stimulation. Observing the different colors of the rings stimulates their vision.

The neem teether is smooth and satisfying for the baby to touch and feel, equally through hands and mouth. It not just soothes a teething baby, but also strengthens the mouth and jaw muscles for chewing and babbling.


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