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Classic Wooden baby rattle combo: Bell Rattle, classic rattle, dumbbell rattle


Experts say that most babies can see bright colors post 3months. So why not introduce colorful toys to babies for their brain stimulation. So what better than a beautiful wooden baby rattle? They are colorful, make music, easy to grasp and fun for babies! Gift babies this beautiful combo set that also promotes early skill development. Great for: 3months – 2years


Things to look for: 

This kit comes with 3 wooden rattles:  a bell rattle, a classic rattle with rings, and a sand-timer rattle for babies. All the rattles are made of premium wood and painted with non-toxic, water-based paints for child’s safety.

Skill development for a child:

This set of wooden rattles for babies will help them sharpen their foundation skills, especially grasping, along with many others like,

1. Fine Motor skills:

Babies will attempt to hold the wood rattle tightly and then shake it in the air. They also learn to hold the rattle in one hand and then transfer it to the other hand.

2. Cause and Effect:

It introduces the concept of cause and effect to your little one, which is a cognitive concept. This rattle helps them differentiate between different shapes, sizes, and colors too.

3. Hand-Eye coordination:

When you move this wooden baby rattle across their field of vision, it captures their attention. As you move across their line of sight, they learn to track and coordinate eyes together visually.

4. Sensory Skills:

Shaking the rattle, banging it, or playing with it makes different sounds. These sounds promote auditory stimulation. Observing the shape and colors stimulates their vision. It encourages tactile stimulation when they hold the rattle and feel the smooth edges and surfaces. Your curious little human will try again and again to shake the wooden rattles and hear its sound. This in turn raises the baby’s curiosity.

Note: Since we use high-quality natural wood, it has unique markings. There will always be some variation in the wood grain and its color. Since these toys are hand-crafted and hand-painted, each toy could have some variations which is a sign of our superior quality wood. Enjoy this uniqueness.

Wash and Care

For detailed cleaning instructions on cleaning wooden toys, please refer to our FAQ page.


Bell Rattle: 7.3 x 8cm

Dumbbell Rattle: 13cm x 6cm

Sand-timer Rattle: 10.3cm x 7cm


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