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Crochet Bunny toy : Crochet Bunny soft Toy and teething ring


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Our crochet Bunny teether cum plushie toy is made up of safe organic yarn. This cute bunny acts perfectly as your baby’s comfort toy and even bedtime toy. Their tiny hands can easily grab this crochet bunny toy, move and grab and play with it. This crochet bunny plushie cum teether for babies will help them sharpen their foundation skills, especially grasping, along with many others (Read in the Skill development section)


Things to look for: 

A soft and adorable bunny-shaped crochet toy for babies. It comes with a safe teething ring to soothe babies. The soothing color makes this crochet toy all the more appealing to a baby and doubles as a teether too. For a newborn, you can hold this toy over your baby.

How to play?

Hold this crochet bunny toy over your baby and move it from one side to another. Little young babies with hand movement can also hold this rattle toy easily and explore it the way they can. Babies will love the softness it carries. The wooden teething ring helps in soothing their sore gums when they start teething!

Toddlers can easily carry it around and this bunny can be their favorite companion too.

What is this bunny toy for babies made of?

The bunny toy for babies is made up of Organic cotton yarn, that is Azo-free. The teething ring is made up of High-quality beechwood to ensure the baby’s safety. This crochet plushie toy is 100% #MadeInIndia .

Washing instructions:

We recommend gentle handwash only and dry in sun. Do not keep it soaked in water and do not wash it in the washing machine.

Skill Development

1. Fine Motor skills:

Babies will attempt to hold the bunny tightly and move it in different directions. They also learn to hold it in one hand and then transfer it to the other hand.

2. Hand-Eye coordination:

When you move this toy across their field of vision, it captures their attention. As you move across their line of sight, they learn to visually track and coordinate eyes together.

3. Sensory Skills:

Observing the shape, patterns and colors stimulate the vision of a baby. It encourages tactile stimulation when they hold the toy and feel it.


Crochet Bunny Plushie and Teether: 7.5cm x 3cm


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