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Dinosaur Wooden Pull toy for kids| Dinosaur toy | Jurassic World


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Hey Dino lovers! We heard you roarrrr and brought this adorable Dinosaur- pull toy for our lil dinosaur and T-Rex lovers! This dinosaur toy is an exciting and special gift for your child. It is a lovely addition to their Dinosaurs/animal collection, not just for toddlers but even for pre-schoolers and school-going kids. It is a great addition to their pretend play collection too! This classic wooden pull toy is sturdy and its smooth wooden wheels will take your child places!! Our Dino is super excited to meet his new friends and help them explore their beautiful world.


Why you must get this Dinosaur toy for your toddler?

Once a toddler is walking and steady on their feet, we often get them a walker. Pull toys are perfect to keep your little ones running around for hours! And now with this Dino, you’ll hear them roaring as well:)

Dino, the Dinosaur pull toy is going to provide unlimited fun for the new totterer. Not just for toddlers, it is a fabulous toy that rolls on and makes a great add-on to your child’s pretend play and their animal collection. If your child loves Dinosaurs, then he/she will love this wooden Dino as well.

Things to look for:

A cute wooden handcrafted Dinosaur-pull along toy, with a string/cord attached to it. Holding this a child can navigate and explore his/her surroundings. You can even remove the string and let it roll independently if your child wishes to!

How to start playing with: 

Simply show toddlers the way to grasp one end of the chord, and move around pulling it. This encourages walking and is fun with our Dino–Dinosaur pull-along toy for toddlers.

What is this pull-along toy made of?

Matoyi’s “Dino”- Dinosaur pull-along toy is child-safe, made of sustainable wood with environment-friendly, non-toxic and water-based paints. This pull-along toy is 100% Made in India.

Skill Development

1. Gross motor skills:

Pull-along toys require more balance, coordination, and strength. The more toddlers flex their big muscles, the stronger they get. Isn’t it a fun way to develop their motor skills?

2. Fine motor skills:

Pulling along will engage a lot of different muscles, hand muscles to grasp the string, arm muscles to pull it, legs and torso to balance. Pull along wooden toys provides the benefit of both fine and gross motor skills.

3. Spatial skills:

These skills help toddlers understand where they and objects are, in relation to each other. As they pull “Dino”, our wooden pull-along toy, they use spatial skills to decide where to go, how far they should go, and what turns they need to make to get to their goal. As you play along with your toddler, you can also introduce directional words, like around, under, left, and right, hence building their language skills too.

4. Cause and Effect:

As toddlers play with the pull-along toy, they decipher how much pull is required to move the toy to a particular distance, when the chord slacks it’s time to pull it again, and so on.

5. Problem Solving:

When the string hitches on something, or the toy falls off, when the string slacks, or when they encounter obstacles, they tickle their brains to solve them and find their way. This lays the foundation for solving day-to-day problems.

Wash and Care

For detailed cleaning instructions on cleaning wooden toys, please refer to our FAQ page.


Dimensions: 15cms x 17cms


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