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Jigsaw Puzzle: A day at Nature Park

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Our set of “Young Explorers” Jigsaw puzzles is super fun for children. Puzzles are the perfect food for brains. They are fun but they are also an important learning tool that can be used to enhance child development. This “A day at Nature Park - wooden jigsaw puzzle” features a 20 piece vibrantly illustrated nature park and comes with a wooden solid tray for ease.  


Our set of “Young Explorers” Jigsaw puzzles is super fun for children.

Things to look for:

This “A day at Nature Park – wooden jigsaw puzzle” features a 20 piece vibrantly illustrated nature park. The edges of the pieces are smooth and fit precisely into each other. It comes with a solid tray, so the child can make complete the puzzles without the fear of pieces falling. Children will love the colorful illustrations around Nature. Since this Jigsaw puzzle is wooden, it will not tear down, while the clumsy hands are at work.

How to start playing with:

Check the image on our Jigsaw puzzle sleeve and then start assembling. Assembling a puzzle does require some assistance initially, then as your kid builds his/her skills, let him/her explore, challenge and practice independently.

What is this Jigsaw puzzle made of?

Our Jigsaw puzzle is made up of high-quality wood and is very sturdy and won’t tear apart. This Jigsaw puzzle for kids is 100% Made in India.

It’s sure to keep your little one engaged, challenged, and interested for hours in a row!! You can explore our other puzzles in the “Young Explorer” kit as well. 

Skill Development

1. Hand-eye coordination:

Before placing a piece, the child will see the appropriate spot with his eyes and then move his hands to place it in that exact space. Thus their hands and eyes work in tandem to achieve the final goal.

2. Fine motor skills:

A puzzle is a fun way for children to refine their fine motor skills. They are required to pick up, grasp, turn and manipulate the pieces into the correct slot, which enhances their fine motor abilities.

3. Improves concentration and memory:

While solving a puzzle, over and again, kids remember and recall how the different pieces fit. This helps in boosting their memory and also their ability to stay focussed on tasks.

4. Spatial Awareness:

When solving puzzles, spatial perception comes into play. Kids learn to identify which pieces will fit together by analyzing their shapes and picture orientation.

5. Stimulates learning:

You can further educate your kid by talking about the picture on the puzzle, i.e. Nature park, and enrich his/her vocabulary. As a child joins the puzzle he/she explores the new illustrations. As a parent, engage your child by letting him/her know about different animals, plants, flowers found in nature, which will help a child in enhancing their vocabulary, in a fun way.

6. Problem-Solving:

Every time children solve a puzzle, they develop strategies to solve it faster the next time. Thus honing their critical and logical reasoning skills. Solving puzzles also require creativity, patience, and perseverance.

7. Social Skills:

When kids work together to complete a puzzle, they take turns, share and support each other. This builds bonding and promotes cooperative play.

8. Self-esteem:

‘I did it!’, yes, it gives them a sense of achievement when they complete the puzzle. It boosts their confidence and self-esteem. You can also set a time limit for solving the puzzle. This gives them a target and they learn to work to achieve their goal within time.


Dimensions:22.5 x 32.4 cms

7 reviews for Jigsaw Puzzle: A day at Nature Park

  1. Nitin

    Very good informative puzzle for my kid.

  2. Yuvaan Rathod

    My boy loved the chameleon the most, nice puzzle

  3. Malik M

    This one is good, I sit with my child to solve the puzzle. Good for kids different skill development.

  4. Rani

    My daughter started asking me to take her for nature walks after solving this puzzle, very good to give kids some practical knowledge.

  5. Tulika Das

    Very nicely illustrated, my son and 7year old daughter also liked it.

  6. Aviraj Singh

    Good puzzle

  7. Rinku Lodha

    Nice, would want more puzzles from this brand

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