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Colorful Rainbow Stacker and Cat stacker: Nesting Toys


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Stacking toys are always a child’s favorite toy, as they are mostly open-ended toys creating zillion fun moments. Matoyi’s wooden stacking toys will always challenge a child to bring out their creative ideas and innovatively present them. 

This combo of the 7-piece wooden Rainbow stacker and the colorful cat ring stacker is great for hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, spatial, sensory skills, and even helps children improve their problem-solving skills

The colors used are all non-toxic for your child’s safety. Our all products are 100% Made In India. Gift your child a world of endless fun and boundless possibilities with Matoyi’s Rainbow stacker kit.

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Things to look for: 

This stacking combo comes with:

  1. A ring toy with 7 brightly colored rings of different sizes, a base with a peg to stack the rings onto, and a cute cat topper.
  2. A 7-piece vibrant wooden Rainbow stacker 

How to start playing?

Help the toddlers initially to place the rings one above the other as per size, in descending order, to form a pyramid. And then let them challenge themselves to discover the best way to stack rings and play with this stacking toy.

Rainbow stacker is a perfect gifting option too. Based on the concept of Montessori learning, the wooden pieces can be stacked in multiple innovative ways to add on to your child’s pretend play. 

What are these rainbow stackers made of?

Made from solid high-quality sustainably harvested wood (not MDF), these rainbow stackers are eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe, and sustainable. It is finished with paints that are water-based, non-toxic, and safe for kids. These rainbow stackers are 100% Made in India.

Note: Since we use high-quality natural wood, it has unique markings. There will always be some variation in the wood grain and its color. Since these toys are hand-crafted and hand-painted, each toy could have some variations. These variations in natural wood are a sign of our superior quality, so enjoy this uniqueness.

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Skill Development

1. Hand-eye coordination:

Your baby’s ability to master the controlled movement of hands in cooperation with eyes, is the first step to being able to self-feed and clothe, learn important life skills like writing, balancing, and coordination. Stacking helps the child to visualize the object from the eye and then move hands in such a way as to place each ring in relation to the other.

2. Fine motor skills:

Picking up and stacking helps the nimble movement of the thumb and fingers. Pincer grasping enhances their ability to hold a pencil, brush their teeth, use rulers, and do many other daily tasks.

3. Spatial perception:

The arched pieces of this rainbow stacker toy are of different sizes and can be stacked and arranged in relation to one another. These spatial arrangements help kids to perceive and visually understand shapes, sizes, and their relative placements to form a structure.

4. Reasoning and imagination skills:

This wooden rainbow stacker is one of the best examples of an open-ended toy. They can be stacked together or separately in unbelievable ways, to make patterns such as igloo, see-saw, bridges, tunnels, caves, make pretend play scenes, and so forth. This boosts child’s imagination, innovation, and the potential to make more complex structures. 

Wash and Care

Don’t fully submerge wooden toys for cleaning, instead spot clean with a damp rag. For detailed cleaning instructions for wooden toys, please refer to our FAQ page.


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