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Wooden Balance board for kids (Wobbly board)


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Matoyi’s Balance board for kids or Wobble board is a sturdy Montessori toy designed for your child’s open-ended creative play. Not just play, it also helps children learn about the concept of balance, and movements, which help them build their core strength, and improves their posture. Our wooden Wobble Balancing board for toddlers has a curved shape with subtle non-toxic, child-safe colors. It is great for indoor as well as outdoor play. The beauty of our Montessori Wooden Balance board for toddlers is that it can be used in any way your child imagines. It could be a bridge, slide, boat, rocker, tunnel, to lay on, or to stretch and do yoga on either side of the curved board, well the possibilities are endless for their open-ended play. Great for: 1-99years *Parental supervision must, especially for younger toddlers*


Product description:

A super-fun wooden Balance board for toddlers, young children, and adults, with subtle colors for an added look.

Things to look for: 

This wooden balance board or wooden wobbly board is beautifully painted on one side with child-safe colors. It can carry a weight of up to 100Kgs.

How to start playing?

A child can use both sides of the curved wooden balance board. Stand and rock or sit and rock, use as a rocker or as a slide. Invert and climb it on, use it as a tunnel or as a ramp for your vehicles. If not, then use it as a seesaw. Well, kids can use it in numerous ways for their fun. And with the fun, plan child-friendly yoga on our wooden balance board. And for the lazy mornings, sit and rock, with your favorite book in the balcony or garden! Isn’t that wow?

Parents can motivate kids to use it for exercise activities and it is a fantastic board to help children get a sense of balance, and use their energy in a fun way. So plan these fun activities together, which will also help in parent-child bonding.

Skill Development

1. Gross Motor skills & Muscle flexibility:

When children wobble / rock on the board, their muscles are working, which strengthens their core. This results in the development of their Gross Motor coordination. It also helps improve their static balance, movements, and coordination.

2. Sensory skills:

The rocking movement also helps in their sensory skill development.

3. Imaginative skills:

The wooden Balance board is a fabulous open-ended toy, that ignites ample creativity in a child. It helps children with their constructive open-ended play which can be a slide or a rocker or a bed or a tunnel! Believe us, it’s not just a curved piece of wood. It’s much beyond that!

4. Spatial awareness:

Coordinating, visualizing, and mapping the wobble balance board in multiple ways helps in the development of spatial skills.

Wash and Care

Don’t fully submerge this toy for cleaning, instead of spot clean with a damp rag. For detailed cleaning instructions for wooden toys, please refer to our FAQ page.


Dimensions: 85 x 31.5 cm;

Weight: 2Kg


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