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Wooden Number Puzzle for Toddlers

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Number puzzles are a great learning tool for young children who are just beginning to build number sense and learn basic math skills like counting and number recognition. It’s a great starter puzzle to build the numeracy skills of toddlers.


Learning with fun is what we believe in! And what better than this fun Number puzzle to introduce children to the world of math skills like counting and number recognition and more!

Things to look for:  

This jigsaw puzzle includes twenty wooden pieces, each of which is divided into two parts: the 1st piece has a number on it and the 2nd piece has the corresponding number of pictures on it. Each piece precisely snaps and matches with the related picture piece.

How to start playing with?

Help your kids to identify the numbers. Challenge them to match the number with the correct number of objects. Encourage them to count slowly and say each number out loud. Let them count the objects and find the matching number piece.

The puzzle is self-correcting, so only if they count correctly, will they be able to join the two puzzle pieces.

Kids can make a number train as well with the puzzle. Isn’t that fun along with learning?

Why Matoyi?

Our toys are child-safe, recyclable, made of sustainable wood. Acquaint your child with this lovely number puzzle and see him/her revel in numbers!!

You can gift them to pre-schoolers and kindergarten-aged children too.­ This vibrant and child-friendly wooden number puzzle is sure to keep your child engaged and enthralled!!

Skill Development

1. Problem-solving skills:

Problem-solving skills improve as they try to match the pieces correctly. It also enhances object and pattern recognition.

2. Memory retention:

When they do it over and again, they are sharpening their memory.

3. Hand-Eye coordination:

It improves hand-eye coordination and encourages the development of essential motor skills (which betters them at gripping and handling things) and cognitive skills.

4. Math Skills:

Kids develop early math skills such as counting in a fun way.

5. Develops patience:

It expands focus and improves patience while working to complete the puzzle. Perfect for both independent play and playing together.

5 reviews for Wooden Number Puzzle for Toddlers

  1. Nihit Raj

    Bought the number puzzle and alphabet puzzle and my son loves solving it. He makes train out it, learns from different pictures on it. Overall a great educational puzzle for toddlers.

  2. Ashok Jain

    Within 2 days, my daughter learnt the complete 1-20 with the help of this puzzle. It has been fun for her matching the right parts of this puzzle for toddlers

  3. Rai

    How nice, I liked the fact that it has a box in which we can store puzzles. Good one Matoyi.

  4. Sai Verma

    Good educational puzzle for kids from 1-4year olds, they learn with fun.

  5. Anwar Hussain

    Have seen such interesting number puzzle for kids for the first time and my twins love playing with it, while learning too.

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