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Wooden animals Toy Train set for kids : Educational Toys


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Chooo..chooo.. This tug-and-tow wooden animals toy train set for kids is the treasured classic toy that’ll go a long way in entertaining kids and later become a part of home décor too. It is tactile, easy to assemble, and safe, making it perfect for toddlers. An open-ended playset that facilitates the toddlers to manipulate and modify the play every time they use it. They explore each piece and work on building it by themselves. This toy train set along with wooden animals from Matoyi will make the best companion for your little ones as they learn and grow while having loads of fun. A must-have toy in their toy kit, it is sure going to enchant the little beings as the train chugs along with the coaches trailing behind.


Things to look for: 

This wooden train set for kids consists of one engine and two coaches. It comes with an easy setup. A child can separate the pieces and stack them as well which helps them work creatively and independently. This kit also comes with 5 wooden animals that can hop your child’s train for unlimited fun!

How to play with Matoyi’s Toy Train set?

  • It is versatile and serves more than one purpose, from being a pull-along toy to stacking and unstacking.
  • Toddlers can use the train in tandem with our other toys for imaginative storytelling and hours of fun and play.
  • Hop on the wooden animals onto the train and enjoy these lovely passengers enjoy the ride along with your toddler.
  • You can talk about the different parts of the train (engine, wheels, coach etc.) and also about the platform, station and so on.
  • Talk to your kids about different animals bundled with this kit.
  • Encourage your child to count the number of coaches, the number of wheels, or the number of pieces.

What is this wooden toy train set for kids made of?

This wooden toy train set and animals are made up of solid high-quality wood. The edges are perfectly smooth. We use child-safe, non-toxic paints for a child’s safety.

This train toy for kids is 100% Made in India.

Note: Since we use high-quality natural wood, it has unique markings. There will always be some variation in the wood grain and its color. Since these toys are hand-crafted and hand-painted, each toy could have some variations which are a sign of our superior quality wood. Enjoy this uniqueness.

Skill Development

1. Motor skills:

Mounting the train blocks one over the other to build the engine and coaches help in motor development and hand-eye coordination of the child. The pincer grip comes into play when they are stacking and unstacking, which sets the groundwork for writing in future. They exercise their leg and arm muscles as well as balancing skills when they take a stroll while walking and holding the toy train.

2. Communication and language skills:

When the little ones pretend play with the train set, they use new words as they story tell. This builds their vocabulary and communication skills. Pretend play also builds their social and emotional skills which cultivates higher self-esteem as well as promotes cognitive and creative development at an early age.

3. Cause and Effect:

Besides having fun they are also learning vital skills and how things work such as trial and error, cause and effect, patience and problem-solving.


Train: LXB : 12.5cm x 3.8cm

Wash and Care of Wooden toys

For detailed cleaning instructions on cleaning wooden toys, please refer to our FAQ page.


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