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Wooden Yo-Yo Toy for Kids

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A classic YoYo toy for all ages that’ll attract children and teens alike. This age-old toy comes to you in a very authentic look and feel.


A classic YoYo toy for all ages that’ll attract children and teens alike. This age-old toy comes to you in a very authentic look and feel.

Things to look for:

This wooden yoyo for kids is an eco-friendly, handcrafted wooden toy, which is made using durable and lightweight wood. It consists of 2 disks side by side, with a string attached to them.

How to start playing with?

Yoyoing is a skill and there are numerous yoyo tricks to learn, from basic to advanced. Show your child how to wind, unwind and tweak our wooden yoyo. Hold it, unwind it and see it easily return to your hand with a flick of the wrist.

What is this YoYo made of?

Matoyi’s YoYo is child-safe, made of sustainable wood with environment-friendly, non-toxic paints. This wooden YoYo for kids is 100% Made in India.

Note: Since we use high-quality natural wood, it has unique markings. There will always be some variation in the wood grain and its color. Since these toys are hand-crafted and hand-painted, each toy could have some variations. These variations in natural wood are a sign of our superior quality, so enjoy this uniqueness

Skill development

1. Yoyoing is known to improve hand-eye coordination,hand-finger strength, and hand dexterity.

2. It also builds strong hand muscles and balance which improves gross motor skills. Fine motor skills come into play when a child holds the string and grasps the disk head in his hands while winding and unwinding.
3. Helps to build a high level of focus as they are concentrating hard while playing with it.
4. It helps a child to problem-solve, multi-task, and excel in any physical activity involving coordination.
5. Children and teens gain self-confidence and self-esteem as they learn to do tricks with their yoyo.
6. Learning to master various yoyoing skills will keep your child away from the screen and happily focussed.
Our Wooden YoYo toy for kids is pocket-sized and handy to be carried while traveling. It’s a wonderful pastime that can be turned into a hobby and also an art form. You can get Matoyi YoYo toy online, play with this brightly colored yoyo toy and bring out your inner child!

Wash and Care

Don’t fully submerge this toy for cleaning, instead spot clean with a damp rag. For detailed cleaning instructions for wooden toys, please refer to our FAQ page.


Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.97 inch

Weight: 37gms

5 reviews for Wooden Yo-Yo Toy for Kids

  1. Rishika

    I wasn’t getting a wooden yoyo anywhere for my nephew, glad to find it here of a good quality

  2. Prerna Bajaj

    Wonderful yoyo for kids

  3. Priyanka Singh

    Very nice colourful yoyo for kids

  4. Akash Jain

    Gifted it to my niece and she loved it

  5. Swati Singh

    Wonderful yoyo, got me nostalgic when we used to play with it as a child

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