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Once your child starts walking, somewhere between 12-18months, your toddler would love to pull toys along as they walk. This is when Pull along toys for toddlers become their favorite companions. Their walk will not only become fascinating with Matoyi’s adorable bear pull along and rabbit pull along, but pulling the toy will also help in their muscle development. Their eyes will have to work in conjunction with the whole body and it is great for their gross motor skills. Pull along toys are perfect to keep your little ones running around for hours and provide unlimited fun for the new totterer.
Wooden Pull along toys help in strengthening a child’s gross and fine motor skills, develop spatial skills as they decide where to go, how far they should go, and what turns they need to make to get to their goal.
Toddlers also get to hone their Problem-solving skills and learn cause and effect while playing with our classic wooden pull along toy, Bearie, and Hoppy! Our pull along toys are child-safe, made of sustainable wood with environment-friendly, non-toxic paints. This pull along toy is 100% Made in India.
Bearie and Hoppy are excited to meet their new friends!