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Top Wooden Toys for Kids in India

It’s normal for parents to be in a dilemma when they are trying to decide what toys to buy for their children because of the ample options available. The chosen toy should be safe, economical, and long-lasting, as well as contribute to the development of mental and physical skills. Though plastic toys are widely available and attractive, wooden toys for kids are often ignored. They offer several advantages over plastic toys for a child’s development.

Wooden toys for kids are an excellent investment if you want to create an atmosphere for your child that is free of plastic and synthetic materials. They’re durable enough to be passed down from generation to generation, and they’re simple enough to encourage creative play without the distracting colors and electronics of the plastic toys.

Benefits of Wooden Toys for babies:

Environmentally Friendly

Because of their biodegradability and ability to be reused, wooden toys are better for the environment than plastic toys. You may buy toys for your kid which will benefit the environment rather than filling dumpsters with harmful plastics.


As babies try to put everything in their mouths, wood is a safer option than plastic or metal. Plastic toys, particularly cheap ones, can quickly break down, leaving sharp edges and tiny pieces that could injure your child. If you are concerned about your child’s safety when playing with their toys, it is best to provide them with wooden toys.

Longevity & Durability

Wood is an ecologically friendly and long-lasting material. This is, without a doubt, the most significant justification for picking wooden toys for newborns and toddlers. Wooden toys, in general, survive longer than plastic toys, provided they are manufactured of high-quality wood. This makes them a stylish choice that can be handed down in the family over the years and adds special meaning to a toy, unlike plastic toys, which end up in landfills way earlier causing harm to the environment as well.

These are only a few of the many benefits that wooden toys have over plastic toys. You can read our detailed blog post on “Why Wooden Toys” here. Now, take a look at some of our picks from the best wooden toys that you could gift your children.

Top 5 Wooden Toys for kids in India

Wooden Yo-Yo Toy

The wooden yo-yo toy is our first choice as wooden toys for kids. This simple yo-yo can keep your children occupied and away from smartphones! These yoyos are playful and beautiful, handcrafted from locally grown ivory wood and coated with environmentally friendly water-based paint.

Buy Wooden Yo-Yo Toy for KidsAs kids would be focusing while interacting with it, it helps to develop a great amount of attention resulting in a greater attention span than other kids.

Wooden Pull Along Toy

Kids love cute animals like rabbits, bears, and dinosaurs. Our lovely wooden pull-along Rabbit, Bear and Dinosaur toys are a great option for toddlers who have just started walking. Our Pull along toys are just perfect to keep your little ones running around for hours. These abilities assist children in comprehending where they and things are in relation to one another.

Pull along toys for kids


Kids use spatial awareness to determine where to go, how far they should move, and what changes they need to make to reach their target as they pull this wooden pull along toy. As you play with your child, you can teach them directional terms such as left and right to help them develop their language abilities.

Wooden Shape Sorters: Colorful Owl Clock, Rainbow stacker & Animal stacker

This handcrafted item is much more than just a children’s shape sorting toy! A multipurpose wooden clock for youngsters that may be used as a jigsaw, shape sorter, or a clock to encourage game-based learning.

Rainbow Stacker for kids


This puzzle toy has a variety of magnetized pieces in various forms. Show your child how to insert them into the slots. You can also support your child in learning shapes, figures, and colors, and also learn the essential metrics to tell time.

Check our all stackers here.

Wooden Rattles

Rattles are one of the earliest sensory-stimulating toys for newborns. A wooden made rattle could be the best gift for your child. Rattles can help with the development of a baby’s attentiveness by allowing them to realize and recognize noises. The rattle generates varied noises as they shake it, beat it, or interact with its rings. Auditory stimulation can be greatly improved by these noises. It can also stimulate a baby’s eyesight as they notice the many hues of the rings on a baby rattle.

Rattles for Babies


Wooden Number and Alphabet Puzzles

Our final pick is the wooden number and alphabet puzzle from Matoyi. Number puzzles are an excellent educational option for teaching kids who are just starting to identify and recognize numbers and are developing their mathematical skills.

Wooden Alphabet Puzzle for Toddlers


As they learn to connect the pieces properly, this numerical puzzle will help children to improve their problem-solving abilities. It can also help with their pattern and shape identification skills. And the same goes for the alphabet puzzle, as toddlers start building their vocabulary in a fun way.

Get these toys at Your kids are going to love the ones listed above.

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