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Matoyi Offers a Variety of Unique Toys For Gifting Online

Learning through play is an important aspect of a child’s development. It not just allows children to release some extra energy but a child also begins to explore who they are, through play.

“Toys should give ample opportunities to explore as kids grow and involve in more imaginative play”.

Educational toys help children learn many different skills they will need throughout their life. They help stimulate their senses, develop fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, and teach about conflict resolution and how cause and effect work as, “If I do this then that will happen”. It also teaches children about sharing, teamwork and nurtures their creativity and imagination.

What better than giving toys as gifts to children of all ages.

So here’s a list of toys for gifting kids, maybe as a birthday gift, a return gift, or just a gift from loved ones!

For toddlers who are sporty: A penguin bowling set

The excitement of bowling is not just for adults but it is here for our toddlers too. Playing with it helps in hand-eye coordination and body alignment and balance. This bowling pin game comes with a smooth ball uniquely made for little hands. It comes in 2 variations as well, for kids who love animal figurines, then gift them our adorable penguin bowling pin set. For those who love vibrant colors, then our rainbow-colored skittle set is perfect for the fun.

So see them revel as they make a STRIKE!

Toys for Gifting

For the love of Stacking and Building: Stacking toys with endless possibilities

Stacking toys are one of the best toys for kids who love to challenge their skills, dexterity, and patience. Explore and have fun in “N” number of creative ways!

Take their imaginative play to a new level with our lovely cat stacker, rainbow stacker, and super fun balancing animals, that can be perfect toys for gifting.

They can be an amazing piece of art to decorate your home as well.

For toddlers who have discovered the joy of walking: Pull-along toys

As they pull along their new companions, they improve balance, coordination, and strength.

Let your child run around with these adorable Hoppy pull along, Dino pull along and Bearie pull along from Matoyi as they explore their surroundings and will surely go places.

For the wobbly little toddlers: Fun wobbly toys

Wobbly toys do not just keep kids entertained for hours but also teach them about balance and elicit curiosity.

It sways back and forth without tumbling, so babies will delight in the soothing touch and funny waddle.

Look for our wobbly doll and wobbly panda here, that are sure to amuse the little one.

Make it an adorable interior décor or a memorable gift for babies and toddlers.

For the kids who love puzzle sorters: Puzzles to puzzle them:)

Perfect food for brains, puzzles are fun and engaging.

Number, shapes, and alphabet puzzles can be a great learning tool for young children who are just beginning to build alphabet sense and learn basic math skills like counting and number recognition.

A delightful gift for preschoolers and kindergartners too. Explore them from a bag full of puzzles at Matoyi.

Best Toys for Gifting
For newborns to a year old baby:

Wooden Rattles and Wooden Teethers

Babies’ first toy that’s not just safe to put in their mouth but also relieves a lot of pain and unpleasantness as the babies start teething. Holding, grasping and bringing it to their mouth, work on building their fine motor and sensory skills.

Give these safe and eco-friendly wooden teethers a try!

Rattles are babies’ first sensory stimulation toys. A wide range of these lovely rattles come in different shapes and designs and double up as teethers too. These rattles are light enough for babies to hold. You’ll love to see as your baby visually tracks and coordinate his/her eyes together to watch them move while improving his/her focus and curiosity.

Wooden Rainbow Stacker – 7 Piece Colorful Stacker

Open-ended toys for free, unstructured play:

“For the freedom to explore, create, experiment, and give wings to imaginations, no electronic toy can beat wooden Open-ended toys”.

With no end goal, no instructions, and no boundaries, kids are at liberty to imagine, investigate and problem-solve independently with open-ended toys.

  • Wooden balance board: Extremely versatile, these boards are designed to encourage physical, open-ended play for kids. The beauty of our balance board is that it can be used in innumerable ways your child likes, their imagination being the only limit! Bridge, boat, tunnel, slide, tray, step stool, a small bench, well the possibilities are endless.
  • Kitchen sets: Completely engrossed in their miniature world, children understand the world they live in through these toys. They will last the longest and are in the true sense ‘heirloom toys’. From the development of fine-motor skills to social and emotional skills, playing with them kids interact with each other in a practical and real-like manner.
  • Animal figurines, fruit, and veggie baskets, vehicles: Playsets that involve animals, colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabets develop child’s recognition skills. It gives children hours of fun as they recognize and learn a lot about each animal, fruit, vegetable, and vehicle while making them a part of role-playing. They can play with them along with other open-ended toys as well. Pretend play enhances language and literacy through play.

For improving skills: Skill-based games

These toys and games help kids in improving their dexterity, problem-solving skills, better concentration, creativity, and imagination.

Toys for Gifting

Yo-yo, animal balancing game, balancing dolphin, beaded lace, and wooden labyrinth are some of the adorable skill-based toys from Matoyi.

Let’s gift kids toys that spark their natural curiosity, nurture their creativity, and boost imagination. And these toys are sure to trigger bursts of happiness and giggling sounds when they interact with them.

You are sure to find some gifting ideas for kids at Matoyi.

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