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Why Wooden toys for babies are better than plastic toys?

Very well said by H. Jackson Brown, “Give children toys that are powered by their imagination, not batteries!” Toys are children’s words and play is their language.

Kids’ toys are truly their first classroom. They help kids explore the world around them, educate them, and learn to express their emotions.

The market is full of all sorts of toys, but it is we, parents who have to make wise decisions while buying the apt and quality toys for our little ones. Considering the top-line benefits of wooden toys over plastic toys, more and more parents and caregivers are gravitating toward the much better option, the WOODEN TOYS for kids.

Let us look deep into the primary benefits of why are wooden baby toys better?

Why wooden toys are better than plastic toys?

Safety and Durability of wooden toys for children: 

  • Children love to explore their toys by touching, seeing, smelling, and even putting them in their mouths. This is where the safety of the toys comes in as the first and foremost concern. Plastic toys contain chemical additives, some toxic ones too; PVC, phthalate plasticizers, bisphenol A(BPA), colorants, and stabilizers containing metals, to name a few. Some of them are not even stated on the labels and even if they are, how many of us are aware if they are risky or not. These pose potential health risks for children.
  • The little hands will put anything and everything in their mouths, throw, bang, and drop their toys, which is but their way of exploring things. This makes the plastic toys susceptible to breakage and results in sharp edges and splinters. The broken parts can be a choking hazard for the infants as well.
  • They also tend to become obsolete once they are broken or flashy lights and batteries are exhausted.

Considering the safety, wooden toys for kids are the best bet. Super safe and sustainable, they are robust and can withstand any rough handling. 

  • They’re firm! They are solid! They don’t break, and even if they just wear out over a long period, they can be refurbished and restored. Being made out of nature, the trees, they are the safest. Some of our toys, like teethers, are made from woods like neem and can be antibacterial and healthy for the little ones.
  • They can last for decades and can be proudly passed down over the generations.

Are we eco-conscious?

All broken and used plastic toys end up in junkyards, isn’t it? While wooden toys are safe for children, they are safe for our planet as well. Being environment friendly, they are biodegradable and can be recycled as well. This is so important to us at Matoyi. By handing Matoyi’s wooden toys to your child, you are also imparting a concern and responsibility towards nature. Let’s do our little bit, let’s stop trashing and start cherishing wooden toys. We are an eco-conscious brand, making wooden toys in India for children.

Wooden toys spark creativity and imagination:

Digital and plastic toys with flashy lights, whistles, and bells are overstimulating and leave very little room for the kids to imagine and explore.

Wood’s versatility encourages unstructured playtime and gives bountiful opportunities for the young developing creators to explore. Our puzzles, Montessori-inspired toys, figurines, animal balancing, stacking wooden toys, allow their imaginations to run free. Kids love role-play, world-building, like farms, villages, animal world, different structures to name a few. They come up with their own stories, become more verbal and expressive.

Each child can play with the same wooden toy in his/her unique way, that’s how open-ended they are!

Wooden toys for kids are simple yet powerful. Soothing, calming, and fun to play with.

One toy Multiple skills:

When children hold a wooden toy and learn to manipulate it, they are practicing their motor skills and becoming more adept at hand/eye coordination. Their cognitive abilities better as they think out of the box while playing with wooden puzzles, blocks, and figurines.

Those light-flashing, plastic toys and gadgets offer very little in the way of creative play. Also, the studies show that the over stimulation that they provide interfere with a child’s development and can negatively impact their neural connections.

  • Our wooden toys, as rainbow stackers, animal balancing stackers, though very simple, are perhaps the most versatile toy ever conceived. 
  • The simple act of balancing and stacking can aid in creating those neurological pathways essential for developing their reasoning, and logic. Give a try to this rainbow stacker and animal balancing stacker from Matoyi for endless fun and creativity!
  • jigsaw puzzle stimulates your child’s brain and helps them explore patterns.
  • Wooden toys are designed in such a way that children will have to problem-solve to figure out how to fit them or solve them. This improves their creative way of thinking.
  • It’s so satisfying to touch and hold a well-crafted wooden toy, isn’t it?
  • They are soothing and warm! By exploring the different textures and weights of wooden toys, children engage most of their senses, which contributes immensely to stimulating their sensory perception.

Aesthetically pleasing look and feel:

Remember playing with that wooden doll or a spinning top? We all have a vivid memory of those classic wooden toys that we played with, in our childhood. They are indeed timeless!

The fact that they are hand-crafted with utmost care and concern, beautifully colored, and pleasing to the senses makes them all the more special and unique! They are not mass-produced factory products.

Once a child outgrows a wooden toy, it can be repainted, refinished, and be a part of your home décor, giving a very rustic and natural feel to the house. See the beauty our hand-crafted toys like wobbly dolls, Shape sorter Owl clock, Rabbit pull along have!

Would you ever wish to beautify your place with a plastic toy? Nah!

They can also be passed down to younger generations as they are undoubtedly timeless. The aesthetic appeal that they encompass of being classic and modern simultaneously can only be cherished.

Promotes social interaction:

While video games, computer games, and battery-operated toys are mostly solitary activities for children; wooden toys can foster interaction, teamwork, and sharing with other children. They are more open-ended and provide innumerable ways of playing with their peers like role-playing, taking turns, world-building, and so on.

 Low cost for High quality:

Though wooden toys appear pricier, they are the most durable and will last for generations, without getting out-of-date. With wooden toys in your kitty, you don’t have to invest in buying innumerable cheap, breakable, and ‘easily getting bored with’ plastic toys to keep your child happy. Plastic toys also come at the cost of potential harm that they cause to the environment and children.

Open-ended wooden toys like a stacker or a puzzle will creatively engage your little ones in more than one way.

Fewer the better! It means fewer distractions, so your child can focus and engage easier in more creative play resulting in better cognitive development.

Quality over quantity is what we believe at Matoyi. What about you? If you’re looking for high-quality wooden toys for children in India, do check our versatile range. 

Conclusion: Why wooden toys are better than plastic?

Hope you found enough reasons to give a try to wooden toys in India, which are undoubtedly much, much better in contrast to the plastic ones.

Hey parents! Give your child a gift of handmade wooden toys in India to cultivate and foster sweet and safe childhood memories here at Matoyi. They can play for hours in a row giving wings to their imaginations!

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