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Why Wooden Toys For Babies?

Childhood is all about play and fun, isn’t it? Though toys are an integral part of a child’s life, it is not safe when they put them in their mouths. As a parent, we suggest that instead of plastic toys, why not use safe wooden toys?

The use of wooden toys for babies is a good decision because they are more durable & enjoyable for kids. Well, a simple, attractive wooden toy for kids can catch their attention & help them to inspire their creativity without directing it. Well, some research suggests that playing & learning atmosphere with natural elements such as wood will help the kids to improve their concentration, focus & even calm down whenever they are angry.

“Here are some pointers that will help you choose wooden toys for babies instead of plastic toys.”

Durable or Long-lasting:

Long-lasting & durability is the primary reason why you should select wooden toys for babies. They can withstand rough use and kids can play with them for a long time. Also, they won’t get damaged if they throw them. When used properly, they can endure rough use without causing any damage. They have been the best play tools for children for generations. However, plastic toys can easily get damaged after being used. Hence, choose wooden toys instead of plastic ones. They are not unbreakable, but it offers you more durability: as long as you take care of them. Our wooden toys are made with safe, high-quality solid wood.


Wooden Toys Provides More Safety: 

Fishy Foo Wooden Baby RattleHaving the appropriate wooden toys for kids is very important to ensure their safety. They can use safely, even while parents or caregivers are not around, though supervision is a must for babies and young children. Good-quality wooden toys do not contain chemicals such as phthalates and PVC. On the other hand, wooden toys are strong & designed perfectly, so they do not have any sharp edges that can hurt your kid while playing. So, providing wooden toys to play with is a good decision from the safety point of view.


Improve Imagination & Creativity Ability In Kids: 

Forest Friends Wooden Stacking AnimalsWooden toys for babies stimulate kids’ imagination. They can help them develop their creativity & imagination by allowing them to build their castles and other structures. If we talk about the toy market, it is flooded with products that feature vivid colors, loud noises, and flashing lights. These types of toys can also shut down play opportunities for young kids. But Wooden toys are a great way to introduce the kid to the tactile world of play. It allows them to explore their body at their own pace. So using the wooden toys by kids in their growing age will help to improve their imagination & creativity ability.


Eco-Friendly Toys:

Sheep Shaped Wooden Baby TeetherStopping children from putting toys in their mouths often goes in vain. As parents, we’ve witnessed it. Plastic toys contain many chemicals that can easily harm kids’ health. Wooden ones are made up of wood & they can be toxic-free, like Matoyi’s wooden toys. Using wooden toys for kids will ensure that your kid’s health is safe from the risk of harmful chemicals. Our toys are made from sustainable materials and are safer than plastic ones.


Cognitive Development:

Are you thinking as to why wooden toys are better for development? Well, wooden toys help in the cognitive development of kids. Cognitive development means what & how your child thinks, explores & figures out things with their ability. When used properly, the toys can stimulate the brain’s learning and creativity. They can help children develop their logical and creative ideas by causing them to work together to create structures out of blocks. Playing with wooden toys can help with the reasoning power & thought process of your kid.


Education Quality:

Cat Wooden Rainbow StackerWhen children play with toys, they are also doing some serious learning. Research has proven that unstructured play is very beneficial for kids. The reason is, children tend to think differently and develop their imaginative power. Wooden toys for kids are known to enhance a child’s learning abilities. They can help them develop various skills such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and creativity. It helps to boost their decision-making skills & helps to understand the cause & effect of the current situation.


Wooden Toys Are Attractive & Beautiful:

Well, wooden toys create perfect aesthetic vibes. For instance, if the object is painted, or left natural, it can be visually appealing. When choosing toys, consider the object’s appearance and the environment in which it will be used. 


These are the best reasons to choose wooden toys for babies. Give your kids the best start in life by choosing healthy, long-lasting toys that are made from natural materials. So choosing wooden toys for kids is the best decision that every parent can make.

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