• Classic Rattles for baby: Dumbbell & Sand-Timer rattle combo Quick View
  • Classic Wooden baby rattle combo: Bell Rattle, classic rattle, dumbbell rattle Quick View
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  • Wooden colourful musical baby rattle : Sand-timer rattle for babies Quick View
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  • Bear Head: Wooden Baby Teether for teething babies Quick View
  • Wooden Baby Rattle for Sensory Skills – Flat Disk Rattle Quick View
  • Wooden Baby Rattle – Bead Rattle (Low soothing sound) Quick View
  • Heart Shaped Wooden Baby Teether Quick View
  • Maraca Wooden Baby Rattle Quick View

Rattles are babies’ first sensory stimulation toys and what better than a wooden child-safe baby rattle? Rattles help babies “acknowledge” and “recognize” the sounds, develop the baby’s attention. Our rattle like the Flat disk rattle, Maraca Rattle, Bead head rattle also helps to develop fine motor skills. Shaking the rattle, banging it, or playing with its rings makes different sounds. These sounds promote auditory stimulation. As babies observe different colors of the rings of a baby rattle, it stimulates their vision. Our baby rattles encourage tactile stimulation when they hold the rattle and feel the smooth edges and surfaces.
Our baby rattles are made up of 100% natural wood, so you don’t have to worry one bit when your little one decides to turn it into a teether. The colors are all non-toxic for your child’s safety. Our all products are 100% Made In India.