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Congratulations! Dear parents, as your little one is approaching yet another and very important milestone: Teething.
Anywhere from 4 months through their first year, you may discover their first tooth pushing through. It’s generally the central lower and upper incisors that will break out first.
Teething brings with it a lot of discomfort and irritation for the little ones. This is the reason why wooden baby teethers (teether toys and teething rings) are the best toy to offer them to nibble and gnaw at. The right teething toy can make teething less painful as they exert a counter pressure when the baby chews on it. They also give them something to grip onto, and thus distract them from the discomfort.
And since teethers for babies are going to be their best comforter for some time, they need to be chosen very cautiously. Matoyi’s cute wooden baby teethers (heart shaped, sheep shaped, bear shaped) are made of pure Neem wood, which is safe for babies as they are 100% natural. This is not just healthy for your child but also keeps the germs at bay (as Neem has anti-bacterial properties). Isn’t that cool?
Wooden Teethers are not just to soothe a teething baby, but also to strengthen the mouth and jaw muscles for chewing and babbling. It is important for hand-to-mouth coordination as well.